About Courses

Teaching Styles

One-on-one Determine the private student’s proficiency of Japanese and set the level to be achieved.
Class material and lesson schedules will then be decided for the “Japanese Grammar” and “Japanese Communication” classes.
Group This is catered for friends or acquaintances who would like to study together.
Joining in on existing group classes is also possible as long as the proficiently levels are similar and lesson times are suitable.
Cuisine & Conversation Course Let's enjoy Japanese conversation while making Japanese home cooking.

* Lesson times are devised and can be changed according to your convenience.


A Japanese proficiency test will be given in the first lesson to check your level to determine your goal and time required to achieve that goal.

General Course For people who wish to study Japanese on a one-lesson-per-week basis.
Communication Course For people who wish to learn how to communicate using proper Japanese or to enjoy conversations in Japanese.
* The ratio of how much time is allocated for grammar and oral communication can be adjusted to suit your needs.
Intensive Short-Term Course For people who need to use Japanese at work or school and wish to acquire Japanese proficiency through short-term intensive study.
The course comprises 2-3 lessons per week, with each lesson lasting 1-3 hours, to help you master Japanese under a short period of time.
Intensive Kanji Course For people who wish to study kanji intensively.
This course will help you better remember kanji characters through learning the meanings and history related to the kanji.



Level Grammar / Vocabulary Communication Skills Level of Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Introductory Acquire the ability to read and write hiragana and katakana.
Acquisition of basic grammar and sentence structure.
Understanding Japanese verb and adjective conjugation, usage of particles (postpositions).
Basic greetings.
Understanding basic conversations necessary in Japanese language learning.
Beginner Learn to read and write short compositions.
Acquire beginner level grammar, kanji (approx. 100 characters) and vocabulary (approx. 800 words).
Ability to aurally understand simple conversations and respond adequately.
Ability to aurally understand instructions.
Approx. Level 4
Intermediate I Acquire the ability to read and write simple compositions.
Acquisition of basic grammar, kanji (approx. 300 characters) and vocabulary (approx. 1,500 words).
Ability to express basic thoughts in daily life. Approx. Level 3
Intermediate II Acquire the ability to read and write compositions dealing with general topics.
Acquisition of slightly higher level grammar, kanji (approx. 1,000 characters) and vocabulary (approx. 6,000 words).
Ability to converse in daily life without trouble.
Ability to adequately use honorifics according to the context.
Approx. Level N3-2
Advanced Acquire the ability to make compositions to express opinions and thoughts on given topics.
Acquisition of advanced level grammar, kanji (approx. 2,000 characters) and vocabulary (approx. 10,000 words).
Ability to communicate as required in social life.
Ability to read newspaper, aurally understand news contents, and express opinion accordingly.
Approx. Level N1

Lesson Fees

Level One-on-one Group (2 students or more)
One hour per lesson 3,500 yen per lesson per student One hour per lesson 3,000 yen per lesson per student
Intermediate I
Intermediate II
One hour per lesson 4,500 yen per lesson per student One hour per lesson 4,000 yen per lesson per student
Advanced One hour per lesson 5,500 yen per lesson per student One hour per lesson 5,000 yen per lesson per student

* Entrancefee 10,000yen.

* One hour per lesson; does not include textbook cost.

Lesson Days and Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 20:00
* Please inquire if you wish to have lesson on other days or during other hours.

Class Material

Class material will be decided according to your level of Japanese proficiency. The textbook used are provided free of charge.

ex: “Minna no nihongo (Japanese For Everyone) Levels I & II”
“Minna no nihongo (Japanese For Everyone) Levels Intermediate